Prophecy by Z.Grimm ©2017 Acrylic on Canvas

New Sketch, New Twitter, Art For Sale!

Hello!  Just a quick update that we have a new twitter site at @ArtPunxStudio – be sure to keep an eye out for updates!

In addition, here’s the sketch for a new painting.  It’s a bit different than my past images, but I always wanted to do a “sacred strawberry”.

At the Wandering Eye Gallery‘s website, my paintings and prints have been put up for purchase!  Take the time to check out some fabulous art from myself and other co-op members!

ArtPop Tampa!

Great news!  I’ve been selected as one of six artists to be displayed on billboards in Tampa through the ArtPop Tampa program.  The image selected for the program is shown below…


Thanks so much to the selection committee for choosing my artwork, and good luck to those people who might still have a chance to display through the People’s Choice!  Take the time to vote, and give another artist this great opportunity!

As always you can check out more of my artwork at the Wandering Eye Art Gallery!

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Becoming a patron can also mean rewards for your patronage!  I will be offering autographed postcards, prints, and original paintings to patrons.  Please take a moment to stop by Patreon and give my page a look-see, won’t you?